Best Crochet Yarn of 2024: Your Ultimate Selection Guide

3 Expert Tips To Choose The Perfect Yarn For Every Project: A Beginner's Guide With Top Reviews

by mermaidcat designs

Hello, Crochet Lover!

Have you found yourself overwhelmed searching for the best crochet yarn? There are so many options, but with the right yarn, your creations will not only look stunning and feel amazing.

My mission?

To streamline this process for you. I'm here to guide you through this journey. As a dedicated crochet designer, I've navigated the complexities of yarn selection firsthand.

In This Guide, we’ll cover:

  • Selecting the best crochet yarn for your specific project.
  • Understanding how yarn weight and yarn fiber impact your crochet work.
  • Unveiling the top online yarn brands – choices that will elevate your craft.

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I've distilled not only my experiences but also the collective wisdom of the Mermaidcat community. This guide is a compilation of the most common pitfalls to avoid and successful strategies to embrace. Let's embark on this yarn selection adventure together!

-Stacey 💕

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The Best Crochet Yarn Awaits You!

Hi! I'm Stacey, Founder at Mermaidcat Designs. 🧶

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Stacey of Mermaidcat Designs - Founder and Designer

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Yarn Made Simple

Do you love yarn? I sure do. But the wrong yarn choice won’t let your creation shine to it’s greatest potential!

With some basic knowledge on yarn, you’ll be able to take your projects to new heights.

Every project is unique, and choosing the best crochet yarn involves considering factors like weightfiber typedurability, and care instructions

Each aspect will affect your final creation, so start experimenting to witness how different choices affect stitch definition, drape and more.

Following the same pattern with different yarn weights or hook sizes will create quite different results.

Yarn Weight Sizes

Now Let’s quickly break down each yarn weight and projects they are well suited for:

  • Lace (0) : The finest and lightest weight, lace weight yarn, also called crochet thread, is ideal for intricate projects like shawls, doilies, and lacy accessories. It’s perfect for experienced crocheters.


  • Super Fine (1) : Also called fingering or sock weight, super fine yarn is great for lightweight garments, baby items, and socks. It offers excellent stitch definition for intricate patterns and designs.


  • Fine (2) : Known as sport or baby weight, fine yarn balances delicacy and warmth. It works well for lightweight sweaters, shawls, and baby blankets, suitable for both intricate designs and simple stitches.


  • Light (3) : Light yarn, or DK weight yarn, is popular for various projects, including garments, accessories, and home décor. Its medium thickness and stitch definition make it suitable for beginners and experienced crocheters.


  • Medium (4) : Worsted weight yarn (or aran weight) is versatile, perfect for crocheting blankets, sweaters, and scarves. It’s easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for beginners and quick projects.


  • Bulky (5) : Bulky yarn is ideal for cozy, warm, and textured projects like chunky scarves, hats, and blankets. Bulky yarn allows for speedy project completion.


  • Super Bulky (6) : Thick yarn. Super Bulky yarn is perfect for creating ultra-warm items like oversized blankets, rugs, and winter accessories. This weight makes a statement with crochet creations. A fun example is this super bulky jacket, “Baby” 

What is the Best Crochet Yarn Weight?

1. learn what it's like to work with various weights. follow THE PATTERN advice, but with experience, experiment.

Weight plays a vital role, as it determines the fabric’s overall appearance and texture.

Yarns come with a number indicating their thickness or weight—the higher the number, the thicker the yarn.

Organic Simply Cotton Yarn By Knit Picks used to make Crochet Dress Pattern - Dimension by Mermaidcat Designs
Dimension Dress in Sport Weight Yarn (Click Photo For Pattern)

Top Pick: What Yarn Weight Is Best For Crochet Beginners?

For anyone getting started, I recommended looking for beginner projects that suggest

Yarn Weight 4 – Medium Worsted / Aran

This yarn weight works up quickly and it is easy on the hook as you develop your crochet muscle memory. 

Check out some of the best yarn for crochet in Worsted / Aran Weight 4:

Crochet Shag Jacket Pattern - Baby - By Mermaidcat Designs - 5 Star Etsy Shop
Baby Jacket in Super Bulky Weight (Click for Pattern)

What is the Best Crochet Hook?

2. The BEST hooks minimize hand strain - TRY ERGONOMIC HOOKS AND YOU WON'T GO BACK.

Choosing the right crochet hook is essential for creating a well-fitting, properly structured finished piece. The hook size affects your stitches, tension, and drape.

Check the yarn label or pattern for the recommended hook size and create a gauge swatch to determine if adjustments are needed. 

Using a hook that’s too small results in tight stitches and a stiff fabric, while a large hook leads to loose stitches and excessive drape. 

Rules are made to be broken! So don’t be afraid to experiment with hook size to achieve the amount of structure or drape you’re after.  (Check out my post on The Best Crochet Hooks)

If you want to minimize hand pain I highly recommend an ergonomic crochet hook. I wish I knew about this years ago! Here are the ergonomic crochet hooks I now use and love.

What is the Best Fiber Type for Crochet?

3. Each yarn fiber has trade-offs. FIND THE RIGHT MATCH FOR YOUR PROJECT.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Now we’ll go over the most common yarn fibers and some of their pros and cons.

Cotton and wool are fantastic choices if you’re seeking breathability, warmth, and sustainability in your crochet projects.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers like acrylic might be more suitable if you prioritize affordability, durability, and easy maintenance.

What’s my favorite fiber

I’m a cotton lover all the way! It’s the perfect balance of durable and natural. Soft on the skin and not itchy like wool, it’s ideal for easy summer garments.  ✨

Yarn Fiber Types

A Closer Look

Now let’s dive into unique properties of different yarn fibers to make the best choice.

The “best” fiber depends on your project goals. Different fibers offer unique characteristics, making some more suitable for certain projects. 

Consider factors like texture, warmth, drape, definition, care requirements, and budget as we review the different fiber types below. 

Cotton Yarn For Crochet

Cotton Yarn:

Cotton yarn is soft, absorbent, and strong. Great for dishcloths, summer garments or a cozy baby blanket, it has a smooth texture but can lack elasticity.

Linen Yarn For Crochet

Linen Yarn:

A fiber made from flax plants, linen yarn is strong, breathable, and absorbent. It’s ideal for lightweight summer garments and home décor but may initially feel stiff.

Alpaca Yarn For Crochet

Alpaca Yarn:

Soft, warm, and luxurious, alpaca yarn is hypoallergenic and great for cozy garments and accessories. However, it can be more expensive and may need special care.

Acrylic Yarn For Crochet

Acrylic Yarn:

A synthetic fiber, acrylic yarn is affordable, easy to care for, and colorfast. It’s versatile but may lack breathability and softness compared to natural fibers. Machine washable.

Wool Yarn For Crochet

Wool Yarn:

A classic natural fiber, wool yarn provides warmth, breathability, and elasticity. It’s perfect for cozy garments and accessories but it can be itchy and may require special care.

Silk Yarn For Crochet

Silk Yarn:

With a lustrous sheen and smooth texture, silk yarn drapes beautifully, making it perfect for elegant garments and accessories. It can be delicate, pricey, and require special care.

Knit Picks Brava Yarn

Yarn Blends:

Yarn blends combine the best qualities of multiple fibers, offering versatility and balance. Popular blends include cotton-acrylic, wool-acrylic, and cotton-linen. Machine washable.

Linen Yarn For Crochet

What is Dye Lot Number?

Key to Color Consistency

A dye lot number identifies a yarn batch dyed together, ensuring color consistency in your project. Check the number on the yarn label and buy enough yarn from the same dye lot to complete your project.

Mixing dye lots may result in noticeable color differences. By paying attention to dye lot numbers, you’ll achieve a polished and consistent final result.

Fun Yarn Pick:
Self-Striping Yarn For Easy Multicolored Crocheting

Try using a self-striping yarn to add a fun and colorful element to your crochet projects without the hassle of changing colors manually.

Multi-colored yarn: Multiple colors within the same skein, making it easy to add pops of color to your project without having to weave in ends or switch yarns. 

Beginner crocheters: Using a self-striping yarn can be a great choice for beginner crocheters who may be intimidated by changing colors manually. The color changes are already built into the yarn, making it easy to create a multicolored look.

Hand-dyed yarns: When yarns are hand-dyed, each skein has a unique and one-of-a-kind look. I love the subtle hues of hand-dyed yarns.

Best Crochet Yarn Picks

What Are The Best Crochet Yarn Brands

Lion Brand Yarns is one of my go-to’s for yarn. They offer International Shipping and a wide selection of budget-friendly and eco yarns. 

Knit Picks offers diverse, and sustainable yarns, with budget-friendly pricing. I’ve used them for years and they ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

LoveCrafts is a leading online yarn brand that offers a wide selection of high-quality and Eco-friendly yarns and tools for crochet. Check them out!

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Understanding yarn terminology is key to selecting the best materials for your crochet projects. 

This glossary provides definitions for common yarn terms and their importance in determining the quality, texture, and weight of yarns. 

Use this guide to enhance your knowledge and elevate your crochet skills.

  • Acrylic Yarn: A synthetic yarn that is inexpensive and easy to care for.

  • Animal Fibers: Yarns made from animal hair, such as wool or alpaca.

  • Baby Blanket: A type of blanket made for infants, often made with soft and washable yarns.

  • Bulky Yarn: A thick yarn that creates a chunky and warm fabric.

  • Cotton Yarn: A yarn made from cotton fibers, which can be soft and breathable.

  • Crochet Blanket: A type of blanket made through crochet techniques.

  • Crochet Hooks: Tools used to create crochet stitches.

  • Crochet Patterns: Instructions for creating specific crochet projects.

  • Crochet Project: A specific item or project created through crochet techniques.

  • Crochet Stitches: The various stitches used in crochet projects.

  • Crochet Thread: A thin and lightweight yarn often used for creating delicate crochet projects.

  • DK Weight: A type of yarn weight that is between a sport and worsted weight.

  • Dye Lot: A batch of yarn dyed together to ensure consistent color throughout.

  • Lace Weight Yarn: A lightweight yarn often used for delicate crochet projects.

  • Light Yarn: A weight of yarn that is lighter than DK weight.

  • Medium Weight Yarn: A weight of yarn that is suitable for a wide range of crochet projects.

  • Multi Colored Yarn: Yarns that feature multiple colors.

  • Natural Fiber: Yarns made from natural materials, such as wool or cotton.

  • Ply: The number of strands twisted together to create the yarn.

  • Self Striping Yarn: A yarn that features stripes of color without requiring a change in yarn.

  • Soft Yarn: Yarn that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

  • Stitch Definition: The clarity and definition of the crochet stitches in a project.

  • Synthetic Fibers: Yarns made from synthetic materials, such as acrylic or polyester.

  • Thicker Yarns: Yarns with a higher weight category, often used for creating warm and cozy crochet projects.

  • Weight Yarn: Refers to the thickness or weight of the yarn, which affects the appearance and texture of the finished project.

  • Wool Blend: A yarn made from a combination of wool and another fiber.

  • Wool Yarn: A type of yarn made from animal hair, which can be warm and durable.

  • Worsted Weight Yarn: A type of yarn that is in the middle range of yarn weights.

  • Yarn Fiber: The material used to create the yarn.

  • Yarn Label – The label on a skein of yarn provides important information such as weight, fiber content, and yardage.

Stacey of Mermaidcat Designs - Founder and Designer

Thank you and Happy Hooking!

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