5 Best Online Yarn Brands To Elevate Your Crochet

Once you crochet with quality yarn, you won’t go back. Try out some of these top yarn brands and enjoy the wonder of working with great yarn.

Investing in high-quality yarn is like donning a superhero cape for your crochet hooks – it makes you unstoppable! 

I hope you enjoy some of these brands I love. As an affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

What Are The Best Yarn Brands Online

Knit Picks offers diverse yarns, hooks, needles, and patterns, with budget-friendly pricing and helpful resources like tutorials. They are my top recommendation and go-to. I’m particularly fond of their collection of cotton yarns.

Crochet.com, operated by WeCrochet, caters specifically to crocheters, providing an extensive selection of yarns and resources. 

Lion Brand Yarns is another popular online retailer of yarn and crochet supplies. They offer International shipping on a wide selection with budget-friendly pricing. 

LoveCrafts is a leading online yarn brand that offers a wide selection of eco-friendly yarn options for environmentally conscious crafters. 

Darn Good Yarn offers unique and eco-friendly yarns, ribbons, and more for all your crochet needs. Their high-quality products are ethically sourced and perfect for creating beautiful and sustainable projects.

The Story of Mermaidcat

Greetings and a warm welcome to Best Crochet Yarn. I’m Stacey, Founder of Mermaidcat Designs, where crochet is not just a hobby, but a passion. 

In the Summer of 2015, living in a travel trailer in the midst of the Ozark Mountains, I started designing my own crochet patterns with a simple $50 loan from my fiance.

My first crochet top, Deep-Sea Cosmos, received much positive feedback from my friends and loved ones. 

This boosted my confidence and inspired me to create even more original designs and turn my dream of starting my own business into a reality.

With the support of my amazing customers, my work has now reached dozens of countries around the world. 

My fiance and I now work together and enjoy sailing our boat, Serenity NOW!

Each Mermaidcat pattern comes with step-by-step photos, accessible for both beginners and experts alike. 

I also provide free crochet patterns and tutorials on my YouTube channel to help you enhance your crochet skills and achieve your desired results.

It fills me with joy to know that you have chosen Mermaidcat Designs for your crochet needs.

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Happy Hooking!

Stacey / Founder of Mermaidcat Designs